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bRE Foundation is the backbone of bRE retail and wholesale.  We are structured in a way that allows all of the income from the retail and wholesale sales to go directly back into the wages of the survivors we serve.  

Our operational and creative team is highly focused on clear organizational management, thoughtful and innovative ways to create desirable product and effectively executing the strategic marketing of those products.  


We create sustainable supplemental income for women in marginalized communities.  

We fight human trafficking through our economic empowerment program.  

We support our survivors through job training and internships.

Sex slavery is one of the top three organized crimes.  Drugs, illegal guns and sex/labor slaves are the scurge of our world. We are dedicated to education and action to stop human slavery and to show the value these victims have as people living in our world today.  Our focus is on local and global anti-human trafficking efforts.  Your donation allows us to continue providing opportunity and sustainability to those marginalized communities we serve.  Thank you for partnering with us as a freedom fighter.

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